15 Outfits to Wear to a Baby Shower

A baby coming to the world is a call for celebration! Not sure what to wear to a baby shower? Here are some baby shower ideas for the host, the mom-to-be, and the guests.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Mom-To-Be

As the mom-to-be, you’re the star of the party, so all eyes will be on you. You want to look your best for the party, but your comfort is also critical. Take note of what makes you comfortable, where the party will take place and of course the weather. 

1. Maxi Dress

Baby Shower Outfit
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A maxi dress is a safe option for the mom-to-be to wear for a bridal shower ceremony. You can wear a floral or animal print dress, or you can wear a plain color. Maxi dresses are also great if you have swollen legs or ankles. You can dress up the outfit with statement earrings, slides or low heels, and a matching bag. 

2. Lace Dress

mom Baby Shower Outfit
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Whether it is a bridal shower, a marriage ceremony, or a baby shower, nothing says it’s a big occasion than lace. Aside from being unique, lace dresses are simple, comfortable, and contour well with baby bumps. Depending on your style, you can go for a knee-length or floor-length dress. 

3. Gender Reveal Gown

mom Baby Shower Outfit
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Gender reveal gowns for moms-to-be are usually color-coded to match the gender of your little one. If it’s a girl, you could wear a pink dress and for a boy, a blue dress. Another great idea is wearing a multicolored pink and blue dress to keep the baby’s gender a mystery. 

4. Maternity Jumpsuit

mom to be Baby Shower Outfit
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Want to look chic and stylish for your baby shower? We say go for a maternity jumpsuit outfit! They are comfortable, easy-to-wear and very flattering.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Guests

Guests have it easiest when it comes to baby shower outfits. You can wear almost anything as long as you dress it up or down to look the part for the occasion. Here are baby shower outfit ideas for guests: 

5. Wear All Blue

Baby Shower Guest Outfit
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Blue, especially baby blue, is a great color to wear to a baby shower and the best part is that the baby doesn’t have to be a boy before you can rock this look. It could be a blue gown paired with blue heels or a blue top paired with a lighter or darker shade of pants. 

6. Floral Mini or Maxi Dress

Baby Shower Outfit
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When in doubt, dress for the bridal shower occasion in a floral dress to bring cheer to the party regardless of the season or time of the year. Flora dresses, whether in mini or maxi, are great for any celebration, and you can style the look with some block heels or sneakers. 

7. Animal Prints

Baby Shower Outfit
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Animal print outfits are always safe for casual events like baby showers. Meanwhile, don’t overdo the prints with your shoes and accessories. Pick footwear or accessories that match the base color of the outfit

8. Jumpsuit

Baby Shower Outfit
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If you are looking for something classy and unique, you can opt for a jumpsuit. They are super easy-to-wear and style; not only will you look classy, but you will also be comfortable all day long. You can accentuate the look with statement accessories, a mini bag, and heels. You can also dress your jumpsuit down by wearing sandals or flats. 

9. High Neck Dress

Baby Shower Outfit
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There are so many reasons to love this look; it’s comfortable, especially in summer, and makes it easy to show off accessories. Pair it with a cute bag, wedges, and some bracelets to complete the look. 

10. Oversized Blazer Over a Slip Dress

Baby Shower Outfit ideas
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Nothing says I’m going to a party like an oversized blazer over a slinky slip dress: it’s perfect for a both daytime and night affair. Go for a simple yet classy look by wearing a short slip dress and wear an oversized blazer over it to appear more formal. Pair this look with a ladylike purse, some accessories, and heels, and you are ready to celebrate with the mom. 

11. Sweater Dress

Baby Shower Outfit ideas
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Suppose the baby shower is happening when the weather is cool, go with a sweater dress to keep you warm while looking the part. You can pair it with suede/leather boots, a pendant chain, and a clutch bag to dress up the look. 

12. Mini Pencil Skirts

Baby Shower Outfit idea
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We love mini pencil skirts. Who wouldn’t? They are versatile, trendy, and you can dress it up or down. Pair your pencil skirt with some boots and a patterned blouse to add a flare to your look. You can also settle for a loose-fitting sweater and have a perfect look for the occasion. Shoes can be boots or a pointy toe pump, depending on the baby shower occasion. 

13. Plain Linen Pants

what to wear to Baby Shower
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Pair some linen pants with a cute top and sandals for a casual look. The great thing about plain or white linen pants is that you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Pair with some heels and a cute top for a dress-up look, or pair with some loafers and a sweater for a dress-down look. 

14. Wrap Dress

Baby Shower Dressing
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Celebrate the mother-to-be by cinching your waist in a foolproof wrap dress. They are breezy, comfortable, and very flattering for a celebration, especially if it’s going to be an outdoor baby shower. Pair with some simple wedges or sandals and a structured bag to complete the vibes. 

15. Jeans

Baby Shower Dress
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Jean’s lover, where are you at? You can wear your jeans to the baby shower if that’s what makes you comfortable. Pair it with some high heels or boots, a pastel shirt, and a structured blazer. 

More Tips To Decide What To Wear For Baby Shower

Here are some other tips to help you decide what to wear for a baby shower event: 

1: Plan your outfit according to the theme of the event

Hosts or moms-to-be sometimes choose a dress code or color scheme for a baby shower event. For example, if it’s a girl, the dress code often includes a touch of pink and blue or green for a boy. The essential tip to dressing for a baby shower is respecting the host’s dress code, if there is one.

2. Take Note of The Setting

Will the baby shower be held outdoors, in a garden,  in the backyard, or inside a hotel lounge? All these will determine what you should wear to the party. For example, if it’s going to be held in a backyard, then wearing heels may not be such a great idea because they could sink into the ground. 

3. Go With The Season

The style you wear will ultimately depend on the season too. You want an outfit that is suitable for the time of the year. If it’s winter, you might want to keep your sweaters and blazer close, and for summer, we say mini floral dress. 

4. When In Doubt, Wear a Dress

If you are trying to decide between a pair of jeans and a dress, we say go with the dress. They are dressier, more comfortable, and always stand out at parties. Pair them with heels and a cute bag to dress them up.

5. Wear Something Comfortable

Most times, baby showers involve certain games and activities that will require you to move around. For this reason, try wearing something comfortable that lets you move around freely. 

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