How to Wear Headband for Men

Headbands are an amazing men’s fashion; although scarce, they come in different styles. Sometimes people wear headbands to serve a specific purpose, while others are just for style

If you aren’t already wearing headbands yet, what are you waiting for?

For some reason, people look at headbands as a woman’s accessory. But in reality, all through history, headbands have been associated with masculinity. In many cultures, they are used by warriors as a symbol of bravery. In ancient Greece, they were used by conquerors and athletes.

In Ancient Rome, they were often worn by those in political power, including emperors. Headbands can offer utility, fashion, fun, or represent ideal characteristics. There is an entire world of headbands for men today for many purposes. So leave behind your baseball cap and take a peek into the world of men’s headbands.

In Ancient  Rome, specific headbands were worn by those in political power, such as the emperor. History lessons aside, headbands serve as fashion, utility, fun, and ideal characteristics. There are varieties of headbands serving different purposes. So, it’s time to substitute your caps and explore the endless possibility of headbands.

Different Headband Styles 

Here are some headband styles that you can choose from. This list is based on simplicity, comfort, and use.

1. Denim Headbands

This very soft headband is designed for CrossFit, exercising, running, and playing sports. 

This amazing denim-look print is designed with polyester/spandex with a touch of black Supplex stretchable, known for its ability to stop moisture from getting into your eyes. 

This simply styled headband can go with any outfit and color; it’s worth trying.

2. Fitness Headbands

Men's Fitness Headband

These knit-style headbands are sleek with a quick solution to help you tame wild hair and avoid moisture like sweat dripping into your eyes during sports or exercise.

A perfect gym buddy. You can use any color of your choice as long as it matches the rest of your outfit. It can stretch to fit your head size, so even if you have a big head, it can still size you. 

Its soft material will not cause distraction during sports; even if it stays partially on your forehead and your hair, it won’t slip off.

3. Wide Headband for Men with Long Hair

Wide headbands are very much in trend for men. They love to wear them with long hair. Easily available in the market, this wide headband made a niche among other headbands. They are very much in demand and look gorgeous to wear.

4. Knitted Headbands

Knitted Headbands

This amazing knitted headband or knit hair wrap is great not just for sports but for everyday use. You can use it any time, irrespective of the season. It helps you keep excess hair or dreads from scattering over your face. 

The circumference of the headband can stretch up to 56 – 62 cm (22″ -24.4″). However, they may be produced in almost every possible size. This headband comprises 49% wool and 51% acrylic blend yarn. This makes it super comfortable on the head when you wear it.

5. Yoga Headbands

Yoga Headbands

This amazing print headband brings out different color layers that give it a simple yet complex look. 

It looks interlaced; this designer pattern makes it look unique. It is lightweight, made from flexible printed fabrics, and contains organic and geometric designs. It can be worn for leisure and goes with almost every type of color. Thanks to its double layer, you don’t have to worry about the headband slipping. Its antimicrobial liner and wicking keep you clean and dry during exercise.

6. Christmas Headband for Men

Christmas Headband

Stand out during the Christmas season with an amazing Christmas-themed headband. Go for headbands with thick triple layers to ensure maximum padding and improved swear absorption. Polyester threads and quality cotton fabric improves headbands’ overall quality.

7. Men Stripes Headband

It is always fun to rock different headband styles, so you should also give this a try. This type of headband can be used for your casual outfit to make a fashion statement and can also be used to absorb sweat during exercise. It can also be worn just for fun, irrespective of your age.

8. Ribbed Headband

If you want something very simple, then this amazing minimalist piece headband might just be what you are looking for. If it fits well and tees white, it also goes with a cozy sweater, winter coat, and exercise outfit. Additionally, it helps keeps your hair in place. 

9. Animated Men Headband

If you don’t mind wearing a headband that’s designed with some cartoon characters, then get a beautiful piece that has your favorite cartoon character. Animated headbands are colorful, making you stand out when in the gym, running a marathon, or running errands. With this piece, you will look good while staying active.

If worn properly, they will help grip your hair to avoid it flying around. Ensure you get a quality piece so you can use it for a long time, even after washing it multiple times. Make sure you position the headband near your hairline for maximum performance.

10. Tie Dyed Headband

Tie-dye has always been a great design pattern. Wearing a headband with this design will make you look unique. It fits perfectly with plain shirts, especially tees, and can be used for fun or casual outings. You can buy a tie-dyed material or create one using simple DIY methods. 

So we have the best headband styles for you to try out above. Give any of them a try based on your taste and fashion sense. 

How To Know the Right Headband for Your Hair

The first thing you need to take into consideration is your hair color. So make sure you go for a headband that matches the color of your hair. This way, the headband will become versatile and can be worn with any outfit. Consider a tanned, brown headband or any dark color if your hair is dark. If you are unsure what matches your hair, stick to neutral colors. Try as much as possible to avoid green headbands, except if you are wearing a green outfit. 

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