20 Outfits to Wear with Black Sweatpants

Sweatpants are a go-to outfit for people who love to wear casual clothing. It is easy and comfortable to wear. It is a pair of trousers you can wear when you have no idea what to put on.  However, despite their simplicity, sweatpants can be worn on different occasions, especially casual outings. 

On the other hand, black is a neutral color and goes well with almost every color, which makes black sweatpants one of the simplest pieces of clothing. There are many ways to rock a jumpsuit; here are twenty styles you should check out.

  1. Grey Joggers With A Plain White T-Shirt
Joggers With A Plain White T-Shirt

Black on white almost always comes out well. So, for starters, wear a plain t-shirt with your black sweatpants. Add hoops and any sneakers of your choice. The good thing about this outfit is that any casual shoe can go with it, including flip-flops. Alternatively, wearing a grey top can try out a monochrome look. 

If you feel plain white is too simple, pair your sweatpants with a white tee that has graphic designs and rock simple running shoes. You can rock this for casual outings like getting together and seeing movies. 

  1. Black Sweatpants with Colored Sweatshirt 
Black Sweatpants with Grey Sweatshirt

This is another outfit you should try out. Sweatpants and sweatshirts are always magic, especially if worn with simple running sneakers. They get the best out of this look; they wear slimmer pants and more oversized shirts. A multi-colored sweatshirt is excellent if you want to make a statement. Make sure your sneakers are neutral, and add hoops or a baseball cap to make a fashion statement.

  1. Black Sweatpants and a Denim Jacket 
Black Sweatpants and Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have, are, and will forever be fashionable. And unless you know absolutely nothing about fashion, there’s no way denim jackets can go wrong with black sweatpants. All you need to do is wear a white, black, plain t-shirt, racerback top, or tank top, and wear the jacket as a layer. Finally, sports accessories, which are not compulsory, or leave it plain. 

  1. Black Joggers With Camo Jacket

To look stylish, wear a camo jacket with your black sweatpants. With this combination, you can wear any color of shoe of your choice. However, sports sneakers should be on your list, predominantly black or white sneakers. Add some accessories to go.

  1. Black Sweatpants with Oversized T-shirt 
Sweatpants with Oversized T-shirt 

If you want to rock grunge, wear black sweatpants and pair them with an oversized t-shirt. The tee can have any color of your choice or design. Alternatively, wear an oversized hoodie, bomber jacket, and black combat boots to complete the look. Wear accessories like bracelets and rock your body bag for comfort.

  1. Black Joggers With An Oversized Velvet Sweater
Oversized Green Velvet Sweater

Are you a fan of oversized sweaters? Something about these comfortable velvet sweaters is that you can never get enough of them.

Sweatpants are tricky; if not properly worn, they can look too simple and are not appropriate to wear for serious outings. This is where your oversized velvet sweater can come in. Wear them with a nice pair of shoes, and you can go on semi-formal outings. You can also replace shoes with pumps. There’s nothing as sexy as a woman pulling off something like this.

  1. Black Monochrome Look
black sweatpants and black sweater

Monochromatic looks will save you from looking too flashy. It is also a typical example of a street-style outfit. Monochromatic looks on women take them to another level of hotness, bringing out their chic quotient. Pair your black sweatpants with a black sweater—tuck it in to improve your style. Rock a beachy wave hairstyle and wear a black baseball cap. Finally, add dark lipstick and a black oversized tote bag to match. Make sure any other accessories you want to add are grey or black. 

  1. Black Distressed Or Ripped Sweatpants With Plain Top
Ripped Sweatpants With Plain Top

The ripped culture has a lot of other variants, not just denim. They go well with distressed sweatpants, which you should try out, especially black sweatpants. These fantastic pants open a new dimension for people who love wearing ripped trousers. Plain tops are perfect for these trousers because there’s already a lot happening with your pants. However, you can go ahead if you don’t mind looking flamboyant. 

  1. Black Joggers Pants With A Statement Sweater
Joggers Pants With Sweater

This outfit is all about looking edgy, sophisticated, and uptown. So you can wear a candy pink statement sweater or a striped one. Add accessories to improve your charm. For footwear, wear fancy sneakers or pumps and a fancy sling bag to sum it all up. 

  1. Black Joggers And Crop Tops
Sweatpants And Crop Top

Crop tops, shoulders, and cold shoulders also fit black sweatpants. It doesn’t matter the color of the top as long as it is simple. For shoes, you can wear either sneakers or broad and open heels at the front. This outfit is casual and can be worn to gatherings and dates. 

  1. Black Joggers With An Oversized Trenchcoat
Joggers With Trenchcoat

From afar, this combination may seem awkward, but it is something that will make you stand out if worn. There are fashionable women pairing joggers with boots and an oversized trench coat. This outfit can be worn to events, gatherings, lectures, and dates. Add a few accessories to look even better. 

  1. Cargo Style Sweatpants 
Cargo Sweatpants

Cargo pants were a trend about a decade ago; they are still fashionable today. Sweatpants, and cargo pants, are no exception. They are gradually making a comeback. If you are a fan of this style, don’t hesitate to rock your black cargo sweatpants with any top of your choice. Add nice sneakers and a couple of accessories to stand out. 

  1. Sweatpants And Linen Tops 
Sweatpants And Linen Tops

This might seem like an awkward combination, but trust me, a trial will convince you. Pair your black sweatpants with any minimalistic, classy linen top. You don’t have to go over the top; simplicity will make you stand out. It can be worn on any casual outing. Wear it with simple black sneakers. 

  1. Printed Sweatpants 

Black printed sweatpants are an excellent sweatpant variant that goes with plain tops. Consider layering it with a shirt if you wear a sports bra or crop top. This outfit is a simple way to look stylish. If you want to look more sophisticated, rock a pump or sporty ankle-length boots. 

  1. Sweatpants as Sleepwear

Many people convert their old sweatpants to sleepwear, which usually turns out well. Thanks to its simplicity, you can rock sweatpants as pajamas. They look good when you wear them at home and on special occasions like Christmas morning. Wear any tee of your choice, and you are good to go. No need for styling the outfit. It is simple and easy to wear.

  1. With A Tucked-In Turtleneck T-shirt

During winter, you can rock your sweatpants with fancy turtleneck tops. Sweatpants on sneakers or boots, for that matter, would keep you warm. Wear a bracelet and a necklace to match. As simple as this outfit seems, it can be worn to almost every outing, incredibly casual and semi-formal.

  1. Stretch Joggers For The Gym
Gym Stretch Joggers

One factor that makes sweatpants a great option is that they are fitted, stretchable, and comfortable—all these features make them a great gym outfit.

Figuring out what to wear to the gym is a real hustle, especially if it’s your first time. Another reason this is good gym wear is that you can head straight to a coffee shop after the gym. 

  1. Black Sweatpants With A Lace Top

You can combine a sporty look with a casual look by wearing your sweatpants with a regular lace top. The result is usually high-street fashion. Wear a nice pair of sneakers to match, or just flats to keep it simple. 

  1. Wear with Comfy Sweater & Sneakers

If you want to wear your black sweatpants for activities like jogging or hiking, especially on cold days, wear a comfy sweater and any colored sneakers except white—but if you don’t have a problem washing white, you can go ahead and wear white sneakers. 

  1. Black Sweatpants with Grey Sweater & Denim Jacket
Black Sweatpants with Grey Sweater

This amazing outfit gives maximum comfort. It is stylish and can be worn for almost every casual occasion. All you need to do is pair your sweatpants with a denim jacket and a grey sweater. Add your white or black sneakers to match. 

Bonus: Wear with White Blouse and Heels

As stated at the beginning of this article, with the right styling, you can convert your sweatpants into a semi-casual outfit. This outfit, for instance. You get this semi-casual look when you combine sold-white heels with a white blouse and your black sweatpants. Some offices may even allow you to rock this outfit, especially if they fit. 

Sweatpant fashion is unique because it doesn’t matter whether you are wearing baggy or fitted sweatpants; it always fits. Sweatpants are great for outings and lazing at home in your free time. Avoid wearing them for severe outings like work, dinner, or a date. Many restaurants don’t accept sweatpants as a dress code.  

You will likely find the twenty sweatpants ideas helpful.

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