10 Best Shoes to Wear With Bell Bottoms

Fashion, they say, never dies. Bell bottoms, as a fashion trend, go way back. To date, you can rock these fantastic trousers and still look trendy. 

But before bell bottoms, jeans were only designed to be loose at the top and get narrower from the knee down. Gradually, designers’ jeans looser at the bottom and tighter at the top. 

Bell bottom fashion has been around since the 50s and continues to be a popular style to date. While men wear this style, it is more prevalent among women. 

So for this article, we will focus on women’s fashion. Wide flare-out bottom trousers make the legs look longer, depending on the shoe you wear; it can make you look taller, shorter, or even an entirely different look depending on how you rock it. Here are ten types of shoes that go well with bell bottoms.  

1. Black Wedges

Black Wedges

Black wedges are a great match with bell bottoms. Aside from bell bottoms, wedges are fantastic when worn with dress pants, skirts, jeans, and gowns. I recommend black wedges because black goes with almost all colors. 

Bell bottom-on wedge heels are perfect for any occasion; you can wear them to formal parties, school, dates, and gatherings because they are comfortable and versatile.

Black-colored hedges are trendy, and they look good during the summer and spring months. 

2. Forever 21 Floral Wedge Heels

These shoes are perfect if you want to look tall in your bell-bottom jeans. The pink color also looks fantastic; it is cute, goes with almost every skin tone, and goes well with virtually any type of top you decide to put on—especially pink or red. The shoes are very fashionable and excellent for warmer months. It will make you look sophisticated and intelligent. 

3. Open Toe Heel

Open Toe Heel

If you want comfortable heels, then this is a great option. Open-toe heels go well with bell bottoms. The best-toe heels are neutral-colored because they go well with everything. And since they have a low heel height, you can walk in them for a long time without feeling discomfort. The shoe can also be used with different outfits, so if you still need one in your collection, consider getting one.

4. Snake Skin Wedge Heel

These designer shoes are fantastic because you can wear them any time of the year, irrespective of the season. The color is neutral and can go with almost every outfit. You can pick any color, whether black, pink, or brown. Its height is low—somewhere around two inches—which makes it comfortable for you to walk in for a long time. You can wear them for any occasion or outing. 

5. Kelsi Dagger Heel High Heel

This fashionable high heel is a fantastic way to wear bell bottoms and trousers.  You can rock the shoe in different colors, depending on the color of the jean and top. The heel height is also low—it stands at two inches, making it a comfortable shoe to walk in.  Despite being just two inches, they make you look tall when you wear them. 

6. Block Heel Lug Sole Booties

This is a very stylish hill that goes well with bell-bottom jeans. The shoes look good in black, dark red, and dark brown. If you don’t know how to walk in heels, the shoe might cause discomfort because it is about five inches high. 

Despite the height, they can be worn for hours before it starts to cause discomfort. Worn with a bell bottom, jeans make the perfect outfit for any event, from school events to dates and casual outings.

7. Black Leather Sneakers

Black Leather Sneakers

Almost all the suggestions are about heels; this does mean you can only rock your bell bottoms if you wear heels. Black leather sneakers, for example, are a great style that goes perfectly well with bell-bottom jeans. This is the most comfortable shoe on my list. 

You don’t have to stick to black; you can try out white or brown leather sneakers.

Leather sneakers go with any outfit, so if you don’t already have one, I suggest you get one. Neutral colors should be at the top of your list when shopping. 

8. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Unisex Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Here’s another very comfortable shoe on this list. The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star unisex shoes are comfy and stylish, especially with bell-bottom trousers. I suggest you go for white because it goes with almost every outfit. 

The shoe is only one inch high or less in some cases, and thanks to its design, you can wear it for hours without feeling discomfort. You can rock these excellent shoes with bell bottoms and any colored top you choose. Suitable for any outing. 

9. Black Mary Jane Heels

Black Mary Jane Heels

Here’s another heel that goes well with bell bottoms and trousers. Black Mary Jane heels are fashionable and comfortable. This heel stands at about four inches, which makes it pretty high, and several look tall in your bell-bottom heels. These heels can come in different colors, like brown, black, silver, pink, and white, but I suggest you stick to neutral colors. 

These heels can be worn to any occasion, from corporate parties to vents, whether out of town with family and friends. The color of your heels should be close to the color of your blouse, crop top, or shirt. 

10. Beach Platform Wedges

Beach Platform Wedges are a great combination of bell bottoms; they are fashionable and straightforward. Wearing beige-colored beach wedges on blue bell bottom jeans can go with any top of your choice, whether it is a tank top or shirt. The height of this shoe stands at five inches, so you might be sacrificing your comfort a bit. Also, my second favorite color is black. 

Since it goes well with almost every outfit, whether it is a dress, shirt, skirt, or pants, whether it is to your shoe collection.

Wear it with bell bottoms and a nice top, giving a simple look. You can rock this outfit to any outing of your choice, from formal to corporate outings. 

Bonus: Platform Gladiator Heel with Front Lace Tie

This fantastic outfit has a ring, especially with simple bell-bottom trousers. The Platform Gladiator Heel with Front Lace Tie comes in black and grey variants. The heel height is about five and a half inches, making it the tallest on my list. If you don’t like tall heels, you should skip this shoe. 

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