What to Wear for Christmas – 10 Outfit Ideas

Planning a Christmas outfit is not something people put much effort into, but for those who do, wearing the right clothes on Christmas day is the icing on the cake. 

Some people spend their Christmas in pajamas, unboxing Christmas presents with their family, while others spend it lunching with friends, and some even fly abroad to attend parties. Whichever category you find yourself in, make a conscious effort to stand out on that day. 

Whether you spend Christmas morning with your family or in a dinner hall miles away from home, looking chic and versatile always works wonders. Here is a list of amazing Christmas outfits that will make you stand out this Christmas.

Eleven Amazing Christmas Outfits

Christmas comes with many expenses, so there’s no need to spend extra on Christmas outfits. All the attires on this list are composed of clothes you probably already have in your closet. 

1. Red Dress

Red Dress

For obvious reasons, the color red is popular during the Christmas period. Since it is Christmas, even the most simple red gown will count. 

Wearing red is dicey because red doesn’t fit everybody; if it suits you, you are lucky; get a nice red-piece gown and stand out this Christmas. 

Add flair to your outfit by rocking a faux fur or crystal embellishment. Adding a touch of white or black boots can make the look even more beautiful. Any boot will do, but I suggest you get a knee-high boot. 

2. A Cardigan Set and Jeans

Cardigan Set and Jeans

Slide into your jeans, and wear a cardigan to match. I advise you to wear a fitted cardigan; it will make you look chic and smart. Also, but on a piece of shiny but comfortable accessories, like a piece of a gold watch and a simple neckless. Keep your hair accessories simple; if possible, don’t wear any. And for your feet, you can wear a pair of boots when going out, but if you are staying indoors, shearling slippers will do the job. 

3. A Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Wearing a flannel shirt always looks good with blue jeans. To make it even better, rock Ugg boots—Ugg boots will always have a place in our hearts. If you want to look simple, then avoid jewelry completely. But if you’re going to make a statement, a simple wristwatch and a gold barrette would do the job.  

4. Faux-leather Pants and a Festive Sweater

Faux-leather pants seem flashy, but sometimes a touch of glitz is all we need on a Christmas morning. With faux-leather pants, you will look chic, and surprisingly, these pants are comfortable. Wear a tunic over a sweater for that perfect look. Neutral-colored block heels will improve your overall look, and they are comfortable. I suggest block heels because they can take the pressure of carrying gifts.

5. A Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

We all have that simple black dress in our closets. A black dress is that simple outfit we run to anytime we are out of ideas on what to wear, and it is a wardrobe essential.

A simple black dress can be worn on almost every occasion, including Christmas. What matters is not the black dress but the accessories that go with it. 

This Christmas, you can wear a black dress, a beautiful half jacket, or a colorful scarf. This extra touch will make your outfit more than just a simple black dress. If you are rocking a half-jacket, your boots should be the same color. A neutral-colored boot is also great. Add simple accessories to stand out. Supplements will help you up your game. A simple wristwatch or a statement necklace will add that extra flair. 

6. A Knit Set and Slippers

 This is the perfect outfit if you are gunning for comfort and simplicity this Christmas. Knit set is a guaranteed way to stay comfortable without compromising your style. Grab a loungewear piece and stay cozy if you are spending Christmas with your family or alone indoors. Wear a selection of slippers, preferably Christmas-themed slippers, to make it seem to put together.

7. A Sweater Dress and Festive Accessories

Christmas Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is a great substitute if you spend Christmas morning at home and want to wear something comfortable beyond loungewear or jeans. You can make the outfit more festive by adding the iconic plaid scarf. You can also join the trend by wearing an oversized jacket. This outfit can also be worn to small gatherings.

8. A Festive Sweater and Slippers

Wearing a Christmas-themed sweater is a great way to dress on Christmas day. Festive sweaters have Christmas written all over them. Rock this sweater with simple jeans, and you are good to go. Add simple slippers to go.

9. Corduroy Pants and a Collared Sweater

Take this year’s Christmas outfit to the next level by getting hues of the holiday with simple colored cords and classy boots—brown or black boots will do justice—and get a collared sweater for that extra touch. Add a simple piece of jewelry to stand out.

10. Christmas Party Jumpsuits

Red Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit for Christmas seems like a bad idea because of the task of unfastening it without help. It gets worse if you have launched with friends and nature calls. However, get a party jumpsuit this Christmas if you are ready to compromise on comfort. 

You can opt for white or highlight blue. Or go for any other bright color of your choice. I suggest a shade like navy. But since it is Christmas, the red color should be at the top of your list. Another way is to rock a fitted black jumpsuit, a perfect substitute for black dresses. Combine your jumpsuit with a crisp white. Get nice accessories to match.

11. Christmas Party Top

Christmas Party Top

A nice party top is the simplest way to stand out this Christmas. You can rock this top with simple jeans and still look classy. Christmas party tops on trousers are a great way to stay simple and elegant during Christmas. 

Don’t forget red is that extra touch that says it is Christmas, so add a touch of red to your outfit if necessary. 

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