23 Outfits to Wear to a Concert

Concerts are quite fun and exciting, especially when meeting your favorite artist. Whether going to a Hip hop concert or Beyonce, wearing something fashionable yet functional is a great element for your dressing. You want to look chic while dancing like nobody’s watching and take Instagram-worthy pictures. Not sure what to wear to a concert? We’ve got you!  From double denim to leather jackets and cross bags, we’ve rounded up the best outfit ideas to wear to a concert.

Before deciding what to wear, try to consider the following first:

  1. What type of concert is it? (Orchestral, rock, hip-hop, RnB?)

Different music genres have distinct looks, so let the music be your outfit guide. For hip hop, sporty brands look great with hoodies, and leggings are perfect for pop. 

  1. Where is the venue (A club, stadium, outdoor?)

There is really no right or wrong when dressing up for a concert; just make sure you wear something suitable for the venue. 

  1. How is the weather? 

If it’s a winter concert, the last things you want to wear are shorts and a crop top, which brings the advice; dress appropriately for the weather. Bring your hoodie and sweater, or wear your leather jacket if it’s chilly.  Wear a lightweight dress or a romper if it’s a summer concert. 

  1. Will you be standing or sitting?

If you will be standing, you don’t want your feet in heels that will make you uncomfortable. Concerts are meant to be fun, so ditch your heels for sandals so you can enjoy yourself. If you would be sitting or don’t mind wearing heels, by all means, wear them. 

  1. What time of the day will the concert take place? Night or daytime? 

The time of the concert can also influence what you wear to the concert. For example, a floral-designed outfit will look great if it’s daytime. 

Concert Outfit for the Ladies

All the ladies in the house, consider these outfits for your next concert:

1. T-shirt and Jeans

tshirt and Jeans
Instagram/ @gayatrisisodiya027

Sometimes, simple is better, so opt for your favorite pair of jeans, some t-shirt, and a jacket or sweater for layering. Wear sneakers or other footwear that will let you stand on your feet for a while. This style idea works for both ladies and men and is great for pop and hip hop concerts.

2. Wear Sneakers, Sandals, or Other Comfortable Shoes

Instagram/ @mila_antoniaa

Concerts often take hours, so you need to wear something comfortable, especially if you are dancing or standing. We recommend sneakers, trainers, sandals, and low heel boots. If you will be sitting at the concert for a symphony, you can wear your heels. 

3. For Country Concerts: Cowboy Boots

concert dress
Instagram/ @aimeesong

Cowboy boots are perfect for country concerts so go for knee-high cowboy boots combined with denim shorts and a patterned blouse for an ultra-chic effect. 

4. Body Hugging Dress + Sneakers

concert dress style
Instagram/ @jaquelineemartinezz

Wear a body-hugging dress paired with sneakers and statement earrings for a figure-flattering look. 

5. Cargo Pants + Crop Top

Cargo Pants and Crop Top
Instagram/ @fashionova

Headed to a rap concert? Try your cargo pants and crop top paired with chunky sneakers. You can add a bomber jacket to the mix if it’s a cold season. You can also switch the crop top for a bra top if that feels more like your style. 

6. Floral Top + Jeans

floral top and jeans
Instagram/ @blakehealey

Pair your favorite jeans, whether plain or ripped, with a cute floral/printed top, and throw in your sunnies to the mix. Accessorize by wearing a pendant necklace and a stack of hand bracelets for a more sophisticated look. 

7. The Rock Uniform: Band Tees + Denim Bottoms

Band Tees and Denim Bottoms
Instagram/ @alyssainthecity

A band tee is one of the best tops you can wear to a rock concert. Pair it with straight-leg jeans or shorts and classic pumps or sneakers, and you are good to go. Asides from rock concerts, this style is perfect for any show and venue. 

8. All Black Everything

all black dress
Instagram/ @raennlangas

Black is an excellent color for concerts, so embrace an all-black head-to-toe look and pair a short black gown or romper with your black cowboy boots and black bags. Or you can wear a cute black skirt paired with a shirt and a black leather jacket. You can add some sunglasses and laid-back accessories to stay stylish. 

9. Jackets

jacket and shorts
Instagram/ @annabellessouthernboutique

It’s a great idea to bring a jacket with you because it usually gets cold at the venue before the show starts. Your jacket can be leather, corduroy, denim, or anything that can keep you warm. 

10. Double Denim: Best for Country Concert

Double Denim outfit for country concert
Instagram/ @tasha_rossxx

Going to a country concert? We recommend double denim! Jeans are great and practical for a concert and even better when you pair them with a denim jacket of another shade and sneakers. Opt for blue jeans, a button-down plaid, denim jackets, and some Cuban heeled boots. Another fashion-forward to tock the denim on denim is wearing a denim skirt instead of jeans. 

11. Sequin Top and Leggings

Sequin Top and Leggings concert outfit
Instagram/ @abbie_lou12

Pair your sequined tops with black leggings, leather pants, or jeans, and you look great for a pop concert. Wear sine comfortable heels or opt for more comfortable shoes. To take things a step further, accessorize with hoop earrings and bracelets. 

12. A-Line Skirt

A line skirt
Instagram/ mira_you

For a more feminine and stylish look, wear a knee-length a-line skirt paired with a cute sweater or short-sleeved shirt. If you are tall, you are good with a maxi A-line skirt, and if you’re curvy, we say go for a short A-line skirt. Add a chic bag and dangling earrings, and you will epitomize chic fashion. 

13. Boiler Suit

Boiler Suit
Instagram/ @joannealma

Like a jumpsuit, a boiler suit requires little styling and is super comfortable. Just throw it on, pair it with some mules or trainers, and you are good to go. A great style tip is wearing vibrant hues boilersuits 

14. Mini Dress and Boots

Mini dress and Boots
Instagram/ @joannemmm

If you want to make a serious fashion statement, rock a mini dress with some boots. You can wear ankle or knee-length boots; both look incredibly stylish on a dress. For your dress, you can wear something plain or have fun with animal or floral prints. Finish off the look by rocking statement jewelry and a mini bag. 

15. Extra Long Tees

Extra Long Tees
Instagram/ @lindsay.cllrd

Feel free to wear your oversized and extra long tee shirts and style as a dress. Pair it with fishnet tights and finish the look with some boots or trainers. For a delicate touch, add a bracelet or several layered together. This simple outfit is a great way to keep things casual, comfortable, and effective. 

16. Jeans Shorts and Cowboy  Boots

Jeans Shorts and Cowboy  Boots
Instagram/ @caitlynwarakomski

What is a country concert without some cowboy boots? Try a pair of short jeans with a simple white shirt and cowboy boots. Or keep your outfit over the top by adding your cowboy hats too. Feel free to inject colors by replacing the white shirt with hot pink or blue. 

Ideas For Guys: What To Wear To a Concert 

Can’t decide what to wear? Here are some great outfit ideas for men: 

17. Tailored Blazer and Button-Up Shirt

Men's concert outfit
Instagram/ @menaboutfashion

Wondering what to wear to an evening concert? Consider a button-up shirt paired with a tailored blazer and some black jeans.in terms of footwear, opt for some shoes or go with Vans sneakers to exude indie vibes. If it’s an outdoor concert in winter, it’s a good idea to wear your boots. 

18. Leather Jacket

men's concert leather jacket
Instagram/ @jayalvarrez

A leather jacket is a classic statement piece for any concert, especially a rock concert. If you can’t find a leather jacket in your wardrobe, you can try wearing a black denim jacket instead. Pair with a black, white, or red piece of clothing and complete your look with boots or sneakers. You can consider pairing the leather jacket with ripped jeans and heavy boots if it’s a metal concert. 

19. Neon Colors

Neon style
Instagram/ @dfmarin

Neon-colored outfits have been in trend for a while now and are a perfect choice if you want to inject some colors into your concert outfits. Pair the neon color with jeans or shorts or track pants. Add a bucket hat for outdoor concerts or a leather jacket to elevate the look.

20. The Rap Concert Outfit: Tracksuit Pants and Hoodies

Rap Concert Outfit
Instagram/ @nouvellevou

A rap concert is a great excuse to pull out your streetwear. Nothing says you are channeling your hip hop side like loose fittings or oversized clothes. Try on some tracksuit pants and pair them with a hoodie, a shirt, and comfortable sneakers. You can wear a dark or brightly colored t-shirt, whatever speaks to you. You can try accessorizing, too, wear your chains, carry a belt bag, and put on some sunglasses. 

21. Graphic Tee and Shorts

Graphic Tee and Shorts
Instagram/ @romwe_men

Rock concerts are the perfect opportunity to wear your graphic tee, put on some shorts, and top off with a biker jacket. Pair with your boots or sneakers, and you’re ready to have fun. Alternatively, you can pair your graphic t-shirt with distressed denim

22. Classical or Orchestra’s Concert: Think Tuxedo

Tuxedo for Classical or Orchestra Concert Outfit
Instagram/ @twif.official

For any classical or orchestral convert, stick to a well-tailored tuxedo in black or blue, even better when it’s a two-piece suit. We advise you to stay clear of light colors and wear your best shoes for concerts like this and wear your best shoes. 

23. Don’t Forget a Crossbody Purse

Crossbody Purse Style
Instagram/ @thetrendmaniac

If you are going to be standing, dancing, and jumping alongside your favorite artist, holding your phone in your hand won’t be convenient. The perfect solution is a crossbody purse or a mini bag for ladies.  

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