25 Funeral Outfit Ideas

It’s never a good feeling to lose someone but attending their funeral is a way to send them off and say your goodbyes. It’s crucial to dress honorably for this occasion because your garment can reflect your sympathy and help you express your loss. Whether you’re attending a memorial or funeral, this guide should help you figure out what to wear to a funeral. 

General Guidelines to Dressing for a Funeral: For Men and Women

Here are some general guidelines you might want to consider when dressing for a funeral: 

1. Formal or Informal? 

Where is the venue for the venue? The venue will help you determine if the occasion is formal or not. For instance, if the funeral happens in a church, it’s ideal to wear formal attire. You can wear less formal outfits if the location is casual, like a garden. 

Most importantly, avoid informal clothes like tattered jeans, bright-colored shirts, and loud patterns. 

2. Consider Cultural or Religious Preferences 

Another thing to consider is cultural or religious traditions. For instance, white is more common for Muslim funerals, and women are expected to wear a headscarf and nothing too revealing. For a Buddhist, it’s not recommended to wear brightly colored clothes. Instead, white or black is preferred. 

3: Coverage

Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s advised to wear dresses or shirts that cover your body below the knees. Long sleeve dresses are more appropriate than sleeveless dresses. Also, avoid skin-revealing clothes or pair revealing clothes with scarves or pashmina. 

4. Dress for the Weather

Always dress for the weather, no matter the occasion. If the weather is cold, think about wearing layers or wearing a hat to keep off shade if the weather is cold. Also, carry your sunglasses and umbrella if the weather is hot and the funeral is outdoors. 

5. Stick With Dark Colors

A good rule for funerals is to stick with dark colors over light, and bright colors, except the bereaved family, says otherwise. No matter what you’re wearing, go with a dark color since they look more formal than light colors. Also, stick with plain clothes without patterns or designs. 

Funeral Outfit Tips for Women

One of the most essential funeral outfit tips is to dress in a way that reflects your mourning and sympathy. It’s why many people and cultures prefer to wear black. Here are some basic tips women should consider when dressing for a funeral or memorial:

  1. Skirts and dresses should reach the knees.
  2. Avoid wearing revealing clothes or use a scarf or shawl you can use to cover up.
  3. Keep your shoulders covered.
  4. Black is always appropriate, but you can wear non-black clothing as not as they are not too brightly colored.
  5. Keep a formal jacket with you to make your outfit look professional.
  6. Avoid wearing flashy, sequined, glittery, very high shoes and brightly colored clothes. 

Funeral Outfit Ideas for Women

Here are some choices of outfits perfect for a funeral occasion:

1: Black Button-Down Dress

Black Button-Down Dress

A great funeral outfit idea for women is a button-down dress, preferably in black or other mute colors. Pair it with gold/silver accessories or shoes to add some colors to your look. Wear a hat if the weather is warm and carry a small black bag to keep some essentials. 

2. High Neckline Plain Black Dress

High Neckline Plain Black Dress

A black dress with long sleeves and a high neckline will go well for a memorial or funeral. Complete the look by wearing closed-toe black pumps or any other comfortable shoes. If it’s a short gown, pair it with black or nude tights. You can pair this look with a black hat out of respect but make sure you keep jewelry minimal. 

3. Black Suit Jacket Dress

Black Suit Jacket Dress

A winter funeral? We advise you to wear a suit jacket dress that fits your body type. Pair it with black gloves, a black belted wrap coat, and a pair of black pumps. You can also add a necklace and studs to 

4. Black Belted Dress

Black Belted Dress

Going for a fall funeral? Get on a black midi dress with a V-neckline and pair it with a belt for a flattering waist. Consider a short box heel and leather clutch to compliment your look. Also, choose a long dress that reaches below your knee, as this is more appropriate for a funeral. You can also pair it with a lovely pendant on a necklace to draw attention to your face. 

5. Sleeveless Black Dress and a Shawl

Sleeveless Black Dress

If the weather is warm and the funeral is outdoor, you can wear a sleeveless black dress but pair this look with a shawl or pashmina to cover your chest and parts of the arms. Complete the look by wearing black mules and a clutch bag to keep your accessories. 

6. Pants Suit

Pants Suit

An excellent idea for an outdoor funeral is a dressy pants suit, especially for the lady who cares about how she looks regardless of the occasion. It doesn’t have to be black, but it’s best to opt for a mute or nude color. Consider wearing pant suits with pockets because they are more comfortable and make it easy to carry some essentials. Pair with nude or black heels. 

7. Black V Neck Sweater

Black V Neck Sweater

A black V-neck sweater is something to consider for a funeral ceremony. Choose a sweater with no design and pair it with a black button-down shirt and wide-leg pants or skirt. You can also add a black wide-brimmed glass and some sunglasses if it’s a summer funeral.

8. Skirt and Blouse

Skirt and Blouse

Another funeral outfit option for women is a skirt (below knee) paired with a black or dark blouse. Complete your look with close-toed shoes or short heels. 

9. A Suit With a Skirt 

A Suit With a Skirt 

If you have a suit, you can pair it with a dark-colored skirt or pants. Ensure that the skirt is of appropriate length, below the knees, and free of patterns, best if it’s of a dark color. Depending on what you want, you can complete the outfit with dress shoes, loafers, or sandals.

10. Black Long Sleeved Dress & Print Heels

Black Long Sleeved Dress

This look is very conservative and perfect for a funeral; you can add a print heel or black pump to elevate your look. Complete the look with a necklace and tie up your hair in a neat bun.

11. Sweater Dress Paired With Black Boots

11. Sweater Dress Paired With Black Boots

A good idea for a winter funeral is a below knee-length sweater dress in a dark color over boots. You can also layer your dress with a coat to stay formal and warm. Last but not the least is accessorizing with studs or drop earrings and a necklace. 

12. Turtle Neck Paired With Black Trousers

Turtle Neck Paired With Black Trousers

The turtle neck made it! A good outfit idea for a funeral is a dark-colored turtleneck over black flared pants. Finish the look with black mules, a clutch bag, and gold or silver earrings. 

13. Black Tank Top With Button Down Blouse

A perfect funeral outfit idea for women is to wear a black tank top with a button-down blouse and tuck it into a knee-length skirt. You can add a jacket, tights or stockings for added warmth. Complete the look with some black pumps and a nude shade of lipstick.

14. Wear Minimal Accessories

Pretty bracelet

It’s okay to wear accessories for a funeral, but it’s best to keep it on a low. You can wear studs, dangle earrings, choker necklaces, bracelets, and wristwatches. However, avoid anything too flashy or chunky. 

15. Wear Comfortable Shoes 

flat shoe

As with accessories, it’s best not to go over the top with the shoes. You can wear flats, sandals, pumps, boots and short heels. Also, wear season-appropriate shoes like sandals for a summer funeral and boots for a winter funeral. Avoid high heels, stilettos, or shoes that will be too distracting at the event.  

Funeral Outfit Tips for Men

Some basic outfit tips for men dressing for a funeral or memorial are:

  1. If you use belts, use black or brown.
  2. Avoid jeans generally, especially tattered jeans. Dark jeans are acceptable, but pants are better.
  3. Avoid shorts, baseball caps, athletic shoes, flip flops, and sneakers.
  4. Dark suits and long-sleeved shirts are best.

Funeral Outfit Ideas for Men

Looking for wear to a funeral as a man? Here are some perfect options:

1: Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie

Black Suit, White Shirt, Black Tie

One of the classic funeral looks for a man is a black suit paired with a white shirt. This attire is solemn, respectful and can look stylish if you pick a well-tailored suit. This traditional funeral look is also suitable for many venues, including worship houses, funeral homes, and outdoors. 

2. Black Suit, White Shirt, No Tie

Black Suit, White Shirt, No Tie

If you are not a tie person or prefer to look casual, opt for a black suit and a white dress shirt but without a tie. This is an excellent idea if the event is outdoor or if the weather is hot. You can substitute your suit for another color like grey or navy blue. Pair with loafers or dress shoes and wear a belt too. 

3. Black Suit, Black Shirt, Black Tie

You can also go for the all-black option by wearing a black suit over a black shirt and necktie. Add your black dress shoes, and you are good to go. This is a very somber look and great if you have a close relationship with the deceased. 

4. Black Suit, Black Shirt, No Tie

Black Suit, Black Shirt, No Tie

Go with the all-black-everything look but without the black tie. This makes you look less formal while still looking somber for a funeral. If the deceased family is conservative, you can stick to a white shirt to avoid offending anyone. 

5. Blazer/Sport Coat, Dark Pants, Dress Shirt and Tie

Blazer/Sport Coat, Dark Pants, Dress Shirt and Tie

If you have a blazer or sport coat, you can pair either with a button-down shirt and dark dress pants. Add a dark-colored necktie and dark, dressy shoes. Your pants are best if they are darkly colored like black, navy, or grey. You can also go with brown or tan colors if that’s what you have in your wardrobe. 

6. Button-Down Shirt, Pants, and Necktie

If a suit isn’t an option, wear a dress shirt (white, black, or dark colored) over dark dress pants and dark colored tie. A long-sleeved button-down shirt is a better option and keeps the sleeves unrolled. If you have a vest or waistcoat, you can add it to the look. If you don’t have one, you are good to go with some dark-colored dress shoes. 

7. Button-Down Shirt, Pants, No Necktie

If the weather is hot, you can skip the necktie and go with just a button-down shirt tucked into well-tailored pants. A white shirt or a dark-colored shirt and good black dress shoes will let you look more respectable. 

8. Polo and Khakis

black polo

No Suit? No Dress shirt? No problem. You can wear your polo shirt with khaki pants or any other dressy pants in your wardrobe. Dark-colored shirts are preferred, so wear a black, navy, or grey polo to look the part. Also, tuck in your shirts, use a belt, and pair them with matching shoes. 

9. Sweater and Dress Pants

A nice black sweater with well-tailored black dress pants will be appropriate for a funeral. Keep both pieces plain and dark colored to keep the look low-key. This is a good look if the weather is cold, and you also wear a button-down shirt with a tie beneath the sweater.

Cardigan sweaters are a better choice than pullover sweaters for this occasion since they button up in the center like suits. You can also wear a V-neck sweater since they look more formal, especially when compared to crew neck sweaters. Again, you should wear a shirt and necktie to look more formal. 

10. Go Gray

Need a look that is less formal and perfect for hot weather? Go gray! Wear a gray suit and gray pants and pair them with a white shirt and a dark-colored shirt. Go for the darker shade of gray for a bit of formality.

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