What to Wear to a Spray Tan

Before you tan, there are some unwritten rules that you should abide by. One of these rules entails what you should and should not wear when spray tanning. So, if you are new to this, or you had a bad tan the last time, then you have come to the right place.

This article will look at what you should and should not wear before, during, and after the process. And as a bonus, we will look at some spray tan tips to help you get the best result.

What You Wear to a Spray Tan is Significant 

Your comfort should be taken seriously when you want to get a tan, and it is very important that you feel free before and after tanning. If you are among those who don’t feel comfortable getting tan in their nudes, ensure you have comfortable and appreciated clothing that won’t spoil the rub on your tanned body or cause lines.

What you choose to wear to a spray tan is totally up to you. You can choose to go nude or wear a simple thong. If you choose to go completely clothed, there is a chance that you might get tan lines, so wear as little as you possibly can to avoid ending up with an uneven tan.

And even if you opt to go completely nude, you still need to consider what you will wear after the tanning process and how it would affect the overall tanning solution as it develops. Since you are not removing the spray tan formula immediately after your appointment, avoid tight clothes, jewelry and shoes as much as possible. Else they might rub off the tanning formula.

Also, you should ensure that your skin is prepped. This will make your spray tan last longer and look better. Here is how to go about prepping your skin.

  • Exfoliate before your appointment—this should be done a few hours before your appointment—this can be done with an exfoliating mitt.
  • Take your shower a few hours before your appointment, and ensure you rinse properly with cold water to help close pores.
  • Do not apply any form of cosmetic, not even moisturizer or makeup
  • For better results, get other services like massage or waxing before your appointment
  • Ensure your appointment is booked early. 

Now that we know how to get better spraying results let’s find out what you can wear for a spray tan appointment. 

What to Wear Before a Spray Tan

Make sure that you go to your next tan appointment prepared. Here are some clothing tips you should consider for your tan session. 

  1. Choose The Right Type of Shoe
Flip Flops

Avoid tight, closed-toed shoes completely when going for a spray tan. The rubbing and pressure on your feet can lead to streaks and remove the freshly applied tan solution. To prevent this from happening, go for loose, open-toed shoes like simple sandals, slip-on–without heels–and flip-flops. Also, avoid wearing socks or tights.

  1. Avoid Jewelry Completely

There’s a reason why we love our jewelry, they are gorgeous, and they add that special touch. However, to get a perfect tan, you’ll have to leave them at home when going for your tan appointment. From rings to earrings, neckless, cuffs, bracelets, and every other type of jewelry, they could rub part of the tan solutions or cause a line. 

  1. Keep it Loose

When going for a tan appointment loose clothes should be at the top of your fashion list when going for a tan appointment. This is to prevent your clothes from rubbing on your skin. Consider wearing loose-fitting jumpsuits or flowy skirts or dresses. Also, don’t wear a bra or underwear—that’s, of course, if you are comfortable not wearing them—as they could cling to your skin, leading to discoloration. 

If you carry a purse, this may be the perfect time to clean it out and only pack lightweight items or leave your purse at home altogether. 

  1. Put on Dark Cloths

Your clothes for a tan session should be dark colored, if possible black. This is because no matter how careful you are, a new spray tan solution will rub off your clothes. If you wear light-colored cloth, they will get stained. You should only wear light-colored clothes if you are willing to dispose of the cloth after tanning or if you are buying disposable thongs from the salon. 

What to Wear after a Spray Tan 

Here are lists of dos and don’t to wear after your spray tanning session;

  1. Avoid Wearing Leggings at All Cost

Leggings are tight, and they will rub on your body. The materials used in making most leggings, from the seams to the tight waistbands, will rub off the tanning formula from your skin, leading to uneven tanning.  Lululemon leggings are even worse. Its decorative seams, crisscross straps, and cutouts make the leggings look good, but it is bad for tan.

  1. Try Not to Wear Bras After Tanning

All bras, from sports to regular bras, cute bras, and 25 straps in the front and the back, should be avoided after your tan session. They will rub over your tan when you pull them over your head or slide it down when you want to wear them. Even if you try to wear the bra by hooking it in the front and spinning it around to your back, it will still affect your tan. 

  1. Avoid Tight Shorts or Pants

Just like with leggings, tight shorts and pants will cause an uneven tan if you try to wear them after your tan session. When you try to wear tight shorts, your thumbs might rub on the right side of your legs, and the tight nature of the clothes will also cause a mess on your legs and hands. 

  1. Avoid Jeans, Tight Shirts, and Tops

Remember that you have to pull down tight shirts and tops over your face; this means it is likely going to rub on your face and smooth your hair into your tan. If tight clothes rub on your tan face and cheekbone contour, it will lead to an uneven tan. 

The worst off are clothes with tight sleeves. They will rub your tan when you put your arms through the sleeves. This will smear the tan around your wrist and arm.

  1. Avoid Jewelry After Spray Tan Sessions

Fitbits, Apple Watches,  necklaces, and bracelets should be avoided after getting a tan. All these can are culpable of causing lines on your fresh tan. The tan can also stain your Apple Watches. 

  1. Avoid Boots, Pumps, Strappy Sandals

All these items above can also cause a line into your feet and ankle area. This will spoil the overall outcome of the tan this summer. 

After Care Tips

It doesn’t just stop at the clothes you wear for your tan appointments; you should also consider what you will wear after your tanning appointment. Here are some aftercare tips that you need to put into consideration.

  1. Avoid Moisture

After spray tanning, avoid activities that could bring moisture to your body. Try not to shower or work out for a few hours to allow the formula to soak in properly. Also, stay in a cool or well-ventilated place to avoid sweating.  

  1. Avoid Exfoliation

Exfoliation is good before tanning but bad after tanning. Try not to rub that new tan. Don’t exfoliate till your next appointment. 

  1. Apply Oil Free Moisturizer

After applying the spray tan, apply daily with quality, fragrance-free, oil-free moisturizers. 

  1. Reduce Skin Skin Contact As Much as You Can

If you fond of crossing your arms or legs, make conscious efforts to reduce these positions. This is to prevent the tan from smudging. 

  1. Harsh Chemical is a No, No

Harsh chemicals are going to strip your spray tan. This is why you should avoid chemicals like acids and chlorine or any skincare products that contain any harmful chemicals.

What to wear for your tanning session is as important as getting the tan. Whether you’re new to tanning or a pro, be intentional about what you wear before and after tanning. 

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