20 Best Outfits to Wear to a Wake

Every occasion has its own unique purpose. A christening and a graduation party are separate events. Knowing what to wear to different events tells a lot about us. Styles differ, and some styles are more appropriate than others regarding specific occasions.

Imagine wearing a dinner dress to a job interview! Or a club outfit to a religious event. This is why it’s very important to understand the importance of wearing clothes for different occasions.

Why It’s Important to Wear Clothes For Different Occasions

Ever heard of the saying ‘You need the right tools for the right job’? This saying is true in every sense of the word when choosing the right outfit for different occasions.

Whether we like it or not, people judge others based on appearance; it’s just human nature.

Another reason you should dress appropriately is to avoid feeling out of place during an event. Invitations often come with dress codes, so you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by reading the invite and following the dress code.

Outfits to Wear to a Wake

We study our events well to pick the right outfit. For an event as sensitive as a wake, one has to be quite selective and not go with anything that comes to mind. A wake calls for modesty in appearance. An event like this is formal, except the family calls for a casual look.

Let’s dive into 20 outfits suitable for a wake

1. Dark Colored Midi Dress

wake outfit dark midi dress

Dresses that are long and cover the knees and thighs are very much appropriate. For a more formal wake, it’s best to avoid white dresses. It’s believed that wearing bright-colored clothes could distract mourners.

2. Clothes with Subtle Patterns

Clothes with Subtle Patterns

Clothes with subdued patterns and prints are totally in place. This is also inclusive of men. One can wear a dark-colored polka dots patterned dress. Clothes with bold, busy, and bright patterns should be avoided as this can cause a lot of distractions at the event. Avoid patterns with red, yellow, aqua green, or orange colors. If you’d like to make adjustments at the event, you can go along with multiple options.

3. Long Dress Coats

Long Dress Coat

Women should wear a long dress coat instead of a warm jacket to a wake. The color of your dress coats should match the color of your blouse. Wearing a dress coat similar to a men’s coat can be appropriate too.

4. Pants and Blouse with Jacket

Pants and Blouse with Jacket

You can wear pants or even a pair of slacks with a blouse and a jacket. See-through blouses are not advisable. The blouse should match the jacket you’re wearing.

5. Minimal Accessories


You don’t want all eyes staring at you during a wake. Therefore, slight accessories should be used. Not wearing blings or flashy earrings, wristwatches, necklaces, and bracelets. No bold accessories. Just simple accessories.

6. Plain Clothes

Wearing dresses with writing on them isn’t ideal because you’re trying to avoid distractions at an event like that, so you should go with plain tees and plain dresses.

7. Dark Skirt and Sweater Set

Dark Skirt and Sweater Set

Since wakes are mostly done in the evenings or at night, this combination won’t be out of place because evenings are cool, so you may not have to bother about the heat or being a sweater. This would be just cool and perfect.

8. Knit Dress and Bold Corset Belt

You may often get discouraged when planning for a wake outfit because you don’t want to lose your sense of style, especially if you’re a fashion aficionado. Showing up in a knit dress and a bold corset belt is perfect for that fashionable wake look. You may want to create a defined look by wearing a well-structured coat.

9. Turtleneck Blouse

Turtleneck Blouse

This is an optimal choice, especially when worn with a suit as a 3 piece outfit because of how it speaks of modesty. It also gives you a chic look. You ain’t ever going wrong with this!

10. Black Leather Mini Dress

Black Leather Mini Dress

This alone gives the ‘wake’ look. You can go ahead and combine it with suede, mini-heeled thigh-high boots to go with it. Which is perfect.

11. Modest Clothing

black dress

By this, I mean clothes that cover vital and sensitive body parts. You should not reveal cleavages, thighs, or other sensitive body parts in a wake. Dressing to cover up ourselves at an event like this shows that we respect ourselves and others.

12. Blouse and Skirt

The blouse or shirt should be one that properly covers the shoulders. Avoid anything sleeveless, and the skirt must be moderately long to cover the knees and thigh

13. Closed Toe Shoes

Closed Toe Shoes

Although wearing sandals and flip-flops is common, they’re slightly inappropriate for a wake. Open toes could be considered inappropriate because your toes are revealed, and they could see nail polish which may be considered inappropriate for the event.

14. Well Tailored Suit

Well Tailored Suit

It’s very appropriate for a male to show up in a wake wearing a well-tailored suit. Men could be tempted to wear denim which would seem very comfortable, but they wouldn’t appear right for this event. You do not dress up solely for convenience but in honor of the dead.

15. Vibrant Tie

Vibrant Tie

Ties with bold colors and patterns are strongly against. A dark or cool colored tie could be worn with a matching shirt alongside a good jacket. A solid black tie would do the job perfectly.

16. Button-Down Shirt

Button-Down Shirt

Button-down shirts are suitable for a wake. It can be worn with a jacket and is best with a tie. Shirts can either have a shirt sleeve or a long sleeve. The interesting part about these outfits is that you can also dress up your kids similarly.

17. Sneakers


Sneakers are appropriate for your kids to a wake. Best in dark colors. You can have your girl wear dark or navy socks with these sneakers. These could be worn with any dark-colored top and pants or dark-colored skirts.

18. Dark Colored Belts

Dark Colored Belts

Since formal outfits are required for a wake, one can almost not do without a belt. This goes for anybody; male, female, and kids. Belt ought to be dark colored, not fancy or with bold colors.

19. A Scarf


It’s okay to wear a scarf to a wake, but not all scarves can be worn over all types of dresses. A scarf is mostly appropriate when wearing a dress, a semi-formal skirt, and a blouse. It’s slightly inappropriate to wear a scarf over a blazer outfit. Just make sure you keep a simple hairdo, and you’re good to go.

20. Shorts and T-shirts?

This is a very good example of what to avoid during a wake. As much as we want to dress up most conveniently, some outfits just won’t work. Except you intend to piss someone off, please avoid this combo; it’s considered disrespectful.

So yeah! A lot goes on as far as a wake is concerned, and picking an outfit shouldn’t be part of it. Get a preferred outfit from the list above and get going. You’ve got this!

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