20 Outfits to Wear With Black Leggings

One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can wear is a pair of leggings, but as easy and relaxed as they may seem, this go-to accessory has its downsides. Sometimes it can take time to decide what to wear with leggings. I adore leggings, and I’m here to show you how to wear them chicly for the fall, winter, and spring.

Leggings have been used for centuries; they are made of various materials and serve multiple functions. They have held up despite being modified, modernized, and turned into closet essentials. Although the materials and colors may change from season to season, you can wear timeless black leggings all year.

Who is this article meant for? If you’ve been hesitant to try leggings, want to update your look for cooler weather, or want to try something new, 

We will help you put together adorable legging outfits that can be worn almost anywhere. Be sure to read to the end. 

What Are Leggings?

It’s essential to first define leggings before discussing how to style them. When we talk about leggings, I don’t mean workout leggings that you’re trying to pass off as regular clothes. For this article, I’m referring to black, occasionally black leather, or dark gray leggings that end at the ankle. The fabric used to make these leggings is thicker and usually doesn’t reach your feet.

Leggings and tights are sometimes used interchangeably. However, a closer look will reveal their differences. While leggings are usually opaque and extend from your waist to your toes,  tights are worn more frequently in zany hues, patterns, and textures. 

Now that you know what leggings are, here are 20 ways to rock yours.

  1. Black Leggings on White Tank Top
White Tank Top

This outfit is at the top of our list because it is the simplest yet makes you look sophisticated. A white tank top goes well with almost anything. The white tank top will look fantastic with black leggings because it goes with any color. It can be worn for casual outings. 

  1. Leggings With Crop Top
Leggings With Crop Top

You can wear your simple crop top with leggings, regardless of color or design. Much like leggings, the crop top is a timeless piece of clothing. This combination will make you stand out. This style will complement if your leggings are shorter and baggy on you than you’d like.

  1. Leggings With Kimono
Leggings With Kimono

Kimono-style clothing can be fun to add something different and unique to your look. Whether you’re going for a casual or more formal look, this will give you that added flare that you might need. It’s worth giving it a try today. However, be conscious of your color combination. 

  1. Leggings with Long Button-down Shirt
Long Button-down Shirt

This outfit is very similar to pairing your leggings with a kimono. Because of how casual yet formal it appears, the long button-down shirt is an excellent choice. Without a doubt, this is one of the most flattering outfits to pair with black leggings. Don’t hesitate to try it out.

  1. Leggings With A Plaid Shirt
Plaid Shirt

You can wear different kinds of accessories while still keeping the focus on your outfit by pairing a plaid shirt with black leggings. You can accessorize the look with bags, bracelets, or even a stunning necklace or pair of earrings to complete the look. It can be worn to almost every outing, from casual to semi-formal outings. 

  1. Leggings and Oversize Sweater
Oversize Sweater

This might come in handy if you’re cold. Pairing your leggings with an oversized sweater is the perfect winter outfit because a sweater—especially an oversized one—can give the impression that you’re wearing long pants. 

  1. Sweater Dress and Black Leggings
Sweater Dress

Sweaters and black leggings will be a great choice if you’re going for a more fashionable appearance in the cold because they offer the ideal amount of coverage when worn together. Because of the versatility of this particular style, you can alter your appearance by wearing a pair of shoes that stand out. Wear a pair of nice combat boots. 

  1. Black Legging and Hoodies
Black Legging and Hoodies

Leggings and hoodies are one of those outfits that are simple to pull off. Why not? You can also add a skirt and some heels to it to make it more interesting (If you want to wear all-black attire, I suggest selecting darker leggings preferably black.)

  1. Sports Bra and Black Leggings
Sports Bra and Black Leggings

Black leggings and a sports bra are the next outfits on our list. This outfit is an excellent choice if you want to reduce the “legging-only” impression that leggings often give when worn alone. You’ll still look good in them and get a toned-down version. Any color sports bra can go on black leggings, but I suggest you choose a black or a white sports bra.

  1. Long-sleeved Striped Shirt
Long-sleeved Striped Shirt

A long-sleeved striped shirt paired with black leggings is another fantastic outfit you should try. This is the perfect outfit to wear if you want to look polished and professional. Instead of donning a blazer, you can layer a long-sleeved shirt over leggings. You can also dress it up by wearing statement jewelry like necklaces or dangly earrings.

  1. Tunic Dress on Leggings
Tunic Dress

This outfit is an excellent option if you want to look professional while wearing something that isn’t too tight. I love this outfit because it offers one of the easiest ways to look formal. You get the benefit of being able to wear this outfit to work. All you need to do is put on black leggings and a tunic.

  1. Leggings and Sequin Dress
Sequin Dress

This outfit is ideal for those who want to look hot while still maintaining professionalism. It’s also a great option if you’re concerned about flashing too much skin at work. It allows you to look excellent and modest at the same time. By selecting this outfit, you can conceal your lower body without feeling too obvious and still look seductive enough to draw attention.

  1. Leggings and Floral Dress
Leggings and Floral Dress

This outfit is ideal if you’re looking for something to wear when going out with friends. This look will be enjoyable and make you feel good about your appearance when you hang out. This is a great look and will certainly turn some heads while still looking polished and professional. Not really a great option for parties and clubbing, though.

  1. Black Leggings and Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket

If you want to wear something more casual but still work in a professional environment, this is a great option—especially if you wear black leggings. When you wear leggings, the denim jacket adds another layer of protection that can boost your confidence. You’ll feel more secure and shielded from prying eyes while feeling confident and at ease in your outfit.

  1. Black Leggings and a Utility Jacket
Black Leggings and a Utility Jacket

Black leggings and a utility jacket are excellent choices when you’re concerned about people seeing your lower body. I suggest black leggings because they go with any color. This outfit will help you avoid feeling uncomfortable, and like a formal “suit jacket,” make sure your jacket isn’t too tight.

  1. Fur Coats and Leggings
Fur Coats

The next outfit on our list combines a fur coat with a pair of black leggings. If you want to wear a coat and something form-fitting at the same time, this outfit is a great option. A fur coat can be worn as an appropriate piece for the workplace, and you can also wear it by itself to draw attention. This outfit will make you look sexy and classy—this is more reason why you should try it out.

  1. Long Cardigans with Black Leggings
Long Cardigans

Another way to style your leggings is with a long cardigan, especially black ones. This outfit is excellent if you want to look professional but not too stiff or formal. This look can also be layered over a t-shirt or button-down dress. It is a fantastic option, especially during the cold months. 

  1. Mini-skirt and Leggings
Mini-skirt and Leggings

Black leggings and miniskirts are next on my list. This outfit is excellent if you want to look put-together but still casual. This outfit is best suited for casual outings. 

  1. Sneakers

The next look on our list consists of black leggings and sneakers. This look is an excellent option if you want to appear to be wearing a casual outfit. You can select any of the outfits suggested above and rock your sneakers. Adidas always goes well with leggings, especially black leggings.

  1. Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels

If you want to wear something that is both casual and stylish, this outfit is a great option. Kitten heels make an excellent choice for a variety of outfit combinations. Just like with sneakers, select any outfit listed above and pick a nice kitten heel to go with it.

Bonus: Lace-up Boots

For the fall and winter seasons, these boots are ideal. They keep the legs warm and add a little polish; thanks to the lacing, your feet will stay warm. Ending your outfit with a lace-up boot will make you look unique and get attention during gatherings.

If you already have leggings, select any of the outfits above and enjoy the smooth look. 

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