11 Outfits to Wear for a Zoom Interview

You have a Zoom meeting, but then you are confused about what to wear–what’s that perfect Zoom attire that will make a statement? This guide will look at what to and what not to wear for a virtual interview. So you can look great on camera without compromising your comfort.

How should I Dress for a Zoom Interview?

Except if a dress code is indicated, business casual interview attire should be at the top of your outfit list for the Zoom calls. When we talk about business casual, we refer to button-downs, blouses, and blazers. 

Since it is a video-based interview, we will not worry too much about what you wear from the waist below. This doesn’t mean you should attend the interview pantless or without a skirt. 

There are tales of pantless mishaps since this new era of Zoom meetings and interviews. Don’t fall victim.

If you don’t want to be random with your outfit, carry out brief research about the company’s dress code before the interview starts. Go to the company’s website and see if it hints at its culture and dress expectations. 

What To and What Not To Wear For Zoom Interviews

1. Go For Business Casual 


As I stated earlier, business casual is almost always a go-to outfit for virtual job interviews. Some examples of business casual attire are:

  • Knee length skirts
  • Long pants or trousers
  • Blouses
  • Polo shirts
  • Button-down shirts
  • Blazers
  • Sports coats
  • Buttoned vests
  • Khakis
  • Sweaters
  • Ties

2. Avoid Tees That Contains Divisive Messaging or Graphic Contents 

Make sure you look at the writeups, symbols, and flags on your tee, and be sure that they don’t contain divisive or distracting messages. Watch out for statements that could be perceived as political.

3. Don’t Compromise Your Comfort

There’s one thing to look good and another to feel good, but it is always better to combine both.

When we stand out with our outfits, it gives us this sense of confidence, and confidence is precisely what we need going into a job interview.

This is why, no matter the outfit you choose, ensure that it is something you are comfortable with. 

Also, be conscious of the material the outfit is made up from, don’t wear something itchy, or would generate heat. Sweating or excessive scratching will put you off during an interview.

4. Don’t get too comfortable.


While you need an outfit you are comfortable in, try not to get too comfortable.

Avoid outfits that would make you look unserious, plain t-shirts, sweats, and pajamas. Put effort so your interviewer can see that you are making efforts to give a good first impression.

5. Make Sure You Wear Pants


You may be tempted to attend the virtual interview pantless since the computer or laptop can only capture you at eye level. Hence anything you wear below the waist will not be captured.

While this may be true, don’t give room to eventualities.

What if you need to get water or retrieve a document? Or what happens if you drop your phone or laptop?

Don’t leave any stone unturned; make sure you wear your pants. 

6. Don’t overdress

Dress smart, and don’t overdo it. Except your interviewer asks you to dress flamboyantly, don’t wear a ball gown or a three-piece black suit. 

Your interviewer knows you intend the interview at home, not at dinner parties.

7. Put a Touch of Tasteful Accessories and Jewelry 

Dainty Jewelry

This dress advice will come in handy for women. A little sparkle like a necklace or/and an earring will make you look more appealing.

Jewelry will make you look more classy. 

8. Don’t Overdo The Accessories 

A little touch of jewelry or accessory is great; try not to overdo it. The goal is to keep your outfit simple, classy, nondistracting, and neutral.

If you already have a lot of piercings, especially within your face area, I’ll advise you to tone them down a bit or remove them completely.

9. Make Sure You Carry Out a Test Run Before The Interview Starts

My last three tips are more about your overall appearance than your wardrobe.

Make sure you are already on the call ten minutes before the time; this will give you enough time to test your microphone, lights, virtual backgrounds, and speakers. If everything is in place, rate your overall appearance and adjust where needed. 

It can be frustrating if you come in late to an interview and encounter wardrobe malfunctions or technical issues.

Also, ensure that everything you may need during the cause of the interview is readily available, from a box of tissues to a cup of water, important documents, notes, reference materials, etc.

10. Do utilize good lighting.

While this might seem out of place because it has nothing to do with what you are wearing, it is still a very important factor in your overall appearance for an interview.

No matter how perfectly you are dressed for an interview, if your lighting is poor, your appearance will end up shrouded in shadow. If you are on a tight budget, consider small desk ring lights. 

You can use lamps or natural light if you don’t want to spend at all.

For starters, place your PC or position your mobile phone in front of your window so sunlight can directly hit your face. This is a quick and free method for improving your video quality. 

11. Don’t blend into your background.

This tip will come in handy if you use an artificial background. 

The virtual background is great for interviews because it shows your creativity and commitment. However, pulling off a virtual environment without disappearing limbs or ending up with what looks like a floating head is difficult.

So, make sure you are not merged into the background. Well, good contrast and good lighting are determinants of the outcome.

Make sure they have enough lights coming from the right direction and pick the right colors and shades that perfectly contrast with your background.

What is the best color to wear for a Zoom interview?

The answer is simple; neutral. Colors like gray, black, tan, olive, and navy blue are perfect for Zoom meetings. These colors are less distracting when compared to bold and vibrant colors. Wearing neutral colors is important because the attention should be on you, not on your clothes.

However, this does not mean you should not explore other colors or designs. A touch of pop color certainly won’t hurt. Also, you won’t be disqualified because of what you’re wearing, so take the advice above with a grain of salt.

The most significant factor to consider when picking a color for your outfit should be contrast. 

If you want to use a virtual background, ensure your outfit contrasts well so you don’t disappear.

Here’s what I mean, if your background has a lot of white in it, avoid wearing white, like if it contains a lot of blue, avoid wearing blue.

The Bottom Line

A Zoom interview outfit is perfect when it makes you feel confident and comfortable and matches your company’s professional code. Just dress simply and formally if you can’t get a hit of the company’s professional code.

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